Friday, November 13, 2020

KRATORNAS - Friday the 13th - NEWS

Muuaahahahaaaaa, how's it going? You infected yet? If not then have patience. Most of the things happening now will not be going anywhere - all of it! We need to blend with the times in order to continue this so-called "underground operation".

CHANGES : Lucre will no longer shipped items. I have no idea how "bad" it is in the UK right now but I assume there's an "extra work" involved when it comes to shipping stuff. Will only resume once things were all iron out but that's not happening is it!

Right now Road of Bones will be on Damon and even if items were sent on time, delays were imminent with Regular Mail. Express Mail will sped things up but an additional cost to you. If an item interests you then email Damon first ( ) for total cost.

Doomsday Agenda Chapter II Split CD will not be release this December 2020. As of this writing, one of the bands involved in Chapter I (June 2020), still not receiving their copies. No choice but to cancel this. Will resume until flights are roughly coming back!

New Webshop looming! Might be online by 2021 or I don't know, ha! This webshop will be secure, encrypted and will only be accessed within 15 countries to avoid confusion. We only deliver to selected countries. This is the reason why we can't put items on bandcamp!

Kratornas Second Album : The follow up to "Devoured by Damnation" will only happen once that drummer is back here in Sask! This "remote recording" might continue on re-releases. If he's still not here the whole 2021 then there will be no album coming out! Sure I can do "everything" but why on Earth would I do that?! Fuck off!

Click here to download "Pestilence" (Demo 2020)
Click here for infos about Doomsday Agenda Chapter I (June 2020)