Sunday, August 9, 2020

KRATORNAS - Pestilence (Demo 2020)

Tracks appearing on "Pestilence" were the same tracks appearing on "Doomsday Agenda - Chapter I : Mutation" Split CD. Although the cassette version features a different guitar "tone" that slightly sounding different than the Split CD version - it still has the same mix!

1. Three Unclean Spirits
2. On Dying Aeons
3. Darkness and Dust

"Pestilence" released on Cassettes, appeared on Split CD and printed as a TShirt.
If you just want to download then download it directly from HERE.

Pestilence : All written 2007 (Zachariah)
April 2020 : Remixed (Zachariah) with new drums (GB Guzzarin)