Tuesday, January 19, 2021

KRATORNAS - Age of Wounds CD (Remastered 2021) - Grathila Records

Main source of this remastered version were taken from a different file that can't re-open last 2007. The idea came out after the "Pestilence" session. All drum machine tracks remained intact. There's a bit of intervening done by GB Guzzarin as enhancement but you'll hardly notice it (unless you really know the song). All exclusive only in this edition (2021)

1. Beasts from the Sea
2. On Dying Aeons
3. Three Unclean Spirits
4. Darkness and Dust
5. Chaosblade
6. Flood of Fire
7. Interstellar Doom
8. Deathpuzzle

CD (Clear Jewel Case) printed to 500 copies. Full colour 8P booklet / Tray.

POSTAGE COST : With or Without Case
CD Shipped without case ($5 USD) | CD Shipped with case/sealed ($10 USD)
All Postpaid Airmail (no tracking) | Add $10 USD for Express Mail (trackable)
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DARKNESS AND DUST taken from "Pestilence" (2020)
With its original bass (2007) and new drum work done 2020 (audio below)

Age of Wounds : All songs written by Zachariah (2007-2008)
119-2021 : Remastered Edition CD - Grathila Records