Monday, September 9, 2019

KRATORNAS - Human Livestock - 7" EP

"Written" and Recorded 26th July 2016 - SK, Canada
Music and Lyrics by Zachariah

All FDR masters pressed on 7" black 120G vinyl (x80)
Side B : Instrumental Version

"Written" and recorded on the spot. Drummer's House.
Went there with nothing. Drummer's guitar : Schecter C8 Hellraiser.

All bluesy attempts were done on that guitar
No Uncle Kerry inspired whammy bar fun on this track!

BLABLA : "Rehearsal" (mic'd and di'd properly but sloppily). Drummer isn't paid to think. If you got beef with the drummer, address all your elite big words/bad assery insults to me!

DEVOURED BY DAMNATION : Supposed to include this track there but ruled out.
Update 6th June 2022 : Included as *Bonus track on DBD Gold Edition (2022)

Distribution and Shipping by Road of Bones Mailorder

Human Livestock : Written and Recorded 26th July 2016