Monday, September 11, 2017

KRATORNAS - Demo 1999

KRATORNAS DEMO 1999 - 2nd Version Cover KRATORNAS DEMO 1999 - 3rd Version Cover

Muuaahahahaaaaa, what have we here!? A pile of excrement from 1998 recorded using a double deck with two mic inputs, DOD FX86 and a guitar. No mixing. All copies were not mastered and inaccurately duplicated in a malfunctioning karaoke system (Panasonic).

1999: Richard C (Wild Rags Records) offered to release this on CD with a properly recorded (studio) version of the songs. Only two things happened why this wasn’t pushed to reality: (1) No Drummer. (2) No studio. There might be in the capital but that’s a lot of work!

CLICK HERE : for studio version of these songs. Might sound different but same chords were used making sure it won’t betray the demo. Shit was recorded in 2016.

Mostly from 1999 – 2000(?)

Totally chaotic, brutal, violent, apocalyptic, insane extreme metal!!! I’m sure you’ve rarely heard such kaos, played by one man only!! Totally dark and hostile production, sharpened guitars, killer devastating drum sound and non stop carnage!!! Don’t even associate this release with any black metal stuff!!! This war is too brutal, incoherent and evil for your ears!!
- Leathers N Spikes Fanzine (CAN)

Kratornas plays true Barbaric Black Metal! No compromise here! Dark and crushing riffs, fast as hell drums, unholy song titles and evil atmosphere!!! The blasting parts are really killer!!!! That’s a good recording for my personal fucked up tastes! You should test Kratornas!!!! - Ocean Morphique Fanzine (FRA)

This is the second demo 1999 and include tracks with titles like: “The Satanic Macabre”, “Luciferian Gladiators”, “Bloodbath For Satan”, and others. The KRATORNAS sound is Satanic chaotic Black Metal, I can to cite bands as: BEHERIT(old), BLASPHEMY, ABHORER or IMPIETY, only for an idea. “The Onslaught of Battledemons” has a voice (with effect), irritating, deafening, you don’t understand any word from the lyrics, but for the titles you must guess!! The guitar has the grind sound, solos included, the drums, it has some variable parts but the majority is smoothing or crushing sound that really kill your ears. If you think MARDUK is Metal converted in a Battleground, just listen KRATORNAS, in just some words TOTAL WAR!! - Positus in Maligno Fanzine (MEX)

This stuff total chaos, blinding, noise, dark and highly satanic black metal in the veins of 80’s spirit. My opinion they’re not your typical black metal because they combine the riffing with furious noise grind back beats. An atmosphere of absolutely gore and horror aarggh! The vocalist voice are done very deadly hatred style of violence vocal. Try this one and feel the real echo of satanic black metal. - ThyCerebus Fanzine (MAL)

Honestly one of the best stuff I heard for a LONG LONG while. This is not great, it is excellent. First listening you are blown away by the sheer power, aggression and Black Metal mastery. The voice hisses and coils, up and down, here and there, and here and there, and back, and the drums, extra fast are really powerfull. Guitars are scorching HOT, and the sound could be clean, it’d be great. But it is filthy, it is even better. When they go on ‘riding guitar’ mode, it starts getting nearly epic (Diabolical Mutilation or the fucking amazing The Satanic Macabre beginning), but then the voice. The fucking voice. As great as a sort of hissing Holocausto Vengeance, but different: a complete NEW FRESH concept/idea. – Pierre / Stratanael Zine (-FRA??)

Asian and South American bands are, famous for their primitive sound and this is the way that Kratornas play. Six tracks of hateful death/black in the veins of old Sarcofago and Beherit with some slow warlust parts a la Blasphemy. Very extreme material with a lot of blast beats, killer riffs that blow up your head and vocals like these Holocausto of Beherit used. For all those who like, very extreme metal. - Fatal Call Fanzine (GRE)

It may sound a bit bizarre, and it does, but I find the brutal parts greatly mixed with louder Thrashy ones which bring some time to rest and a great heaviness. The vocals are very well worked with a lot of effects in a quite original way which contributes to make the whole really weird. The absence of the bass makes the sound a bit too light and I think it could have add heaviness but in fact, the other instruments are well used enough so that this lack doesn’t appear important. – TnD / Nocturnal Conspiracy Fanzine (FRA)

Your sound was extremely Underground, and not wimpy. A little bit too chaotic for Me, as I like mid tempo stuff the most. I think you carry on a tradition like Sarcofago or Blasphemy! Uh! - Gylve Fenriz Nagell (NOR)

I’ve never listen on such a good demo for a very long time, now comes this tribal Black Metal or sadistic slaughterisation!!! Very fast drums, Ultra-sickening vocals, and treble fast guitar sound!!! This is not for posers!!! Not for weak people! Not for trendy shits!!! Not for the mass!!! - Frozen Hell Zine (GRE)

Arrrghhhhhhhhhh, conchetumadre!!! arrgghhh Blasphemy, Beherit y VON mezclados a mil por hora, una voz irritante, ensordecedora, con un pequeño efecto que suena como una jauria de ratas rabiosas, bateria y redoubles dignos del holocausto, temas cortos, directos, al hueso, eso es lo que ha expulsado al mundo desde. En este Segundo demo hay temas como “Diabolical Mutilation”, “Luciferian Gladiators”, “Demonic War Slaughter”, “Bloodbath For Satan” que de seguro arrancaran tu espina dorsal y todo. “TOOTB” cuenta con una Buena produccion y sonido, solo tienes que enviar 3 dolares a este maniaco. Si Marduk, Conqueror y Black Witchery te mostraron la Guerra, de seguro Kratornas hara sentirte dentro de ella. Kill The Messiah!! Attack!!! - Death to Posers Fanzine (CHI)


I have NO contact with ANY of the people above! 20 years! Some names were wrong but can’t find the original of that. These quotes/images were found in a long dead file. There were more reviews but lost 90% of the zines (including the glossy ones) sent by the editors. Those from database sites were not posted here since they're already visible on their own.

2017: Mastering. Took like 2 hours(!) to “fix” all this sewage shit. Vocals made me laugh, no idea how it happened. Wasn't supposed to be like that but its there. Can't remember! Probably high as a kite while doing this shitstorm, goodtimes!

Shit was created for an old contact asking these really old demos. Supposed to email links but figured I’d rather put it online. If you’re new, it’s your choice to proceed shitting on it and lay your so-called opinion like it matters (hehe). Stinkfest was self-released on hundreds of cassettes last 1999. Individually crafted DIY pure fucking homedubbed junk!