Monday, September 11, 2017

KRATORNAS - Demo 1994

Muuaahahahaaaaa, what have we here!? A pile of excrement from 1994 recorded using a double deck with two mic inputs, DS-1 and a guitar. No mixing. All copies were not mastered and inaccurately duplicated. Recorded using a karaoke system (Sharp).

(1) "Drums" came from this big ass keyboard that I've been recording bullshit melodies out of boredom. Happening in a very remote place where time doesn't exist. Typhoons, Flooding and Earthquakes giving us entertainment otherwise it’s a barren wasteland with nothing else to do. (2) Tracks were not written, only recorded. There’s a need for several blank tapes and the good news is this: the more you overlap, the shittier it gets. Playback system can’t be further adjusted rendering that shit. You use what you have.

2017: Mastering. Took an hour to “fix” this sewage shit! Doesn't sound like this on 1st take but as you overlap a countless times, it only gets noisier and noisier giving you free distortion! Solos making me laugh, but that’s one sloppy kid for you. I start young and just because it's done in '94 doesn't mean I'm a mid-40s old fart now, thank you very much.

Shit was created for an old contact asking these really old demos. Supposed to send links on email but figured I’d rather put it online. If you’re new, it’s your choice to proceed shitting on it and lay your so-called opinion like it matters (hehe). There's no actual release for this stinkfest. I've only spread a couple dozen via tape trading last 1994.


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