Sunday, August 9, 2020

KRATORNAS - Pestilence (Demo 2020)

Tracks appearing on "Pestilence" were the same tracks appearing on "Doomsday Agenda - Chapter I : Mutation" Split CD. The cassette version features an instrumental version of all three tracks on Side B. Cassette comes free with the shirt. You can't buy the cassette alone!

1. Three Unclean Spirits
2. On Dying Aeons
3. Darkness and Dust
Side B: Instrumental version
"Pestilence" released on Cassettes, appeared on Split CD and printed as a TShirt.
If you just want to download then download it directly from HERE.

Pestilence : All written 2007 (Zachariah)
April 2020 : Remixed (Zachariah) with new drums (GB Guzzarin)