Monday, January 1, 2018

KRATORNAS - 2nd album on Grathila - TBA

Pestering this stinking humanity once again. It could be 2018 or 2019 or guess what... NO DATES! Last 2016 we've agreed to record one for a 2017 release but schedules get in the way thus nothing happened. Will only write shit if drummer's able to drop by (ie: 6 hours drive) and we can record demos for him. If he's not able to make it, then nothing.

LINE UP - Zachariah (vox/guitars/bass) || GB Guzzarin (drums)

It's the same drummer who did tracks on ‘Devoured by Damnation’. A 28 year old madman who hammers like a fucking tornado. It's going to be twice faster this time around. We're not slowing down just because "the world has moved on". We're stuck doing what we want!

UPDATE: 24th February 2018 :
It'll be March and nothing up yet. I don't think it can be done this 2018. Writing won't be a problem. We're not the type who can afford to spend 2-10 years of their lives nitpicking "writing songs". How does it work?! Any so-called updates will be posted on this page.

LAST UPDATE: 9th June 2018 :
If it will be out this year, then it's out. There's no plan so whatever happens, happens.


- Kratornas : Devoured By Damnation : 1st Album 2016 -